Duck & Rose Out Like A Light rollerball with 250mg CBN.

Ready For A Restful Night's Sleep?

This pleasant and gentle scent of Lavender, Rosewood and Sandalwood was designed to relax and rest your mind while promoting a peaceful and restful night sleep. You'll want to keep this rollerball on your nightstand to use before bedtime.

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UV Light Isn't Bad For Just Your Skin

We have spent countless hours Consciously Crafting our products to be the best, all-natural serums, oils and soaps. To ensure that they remain as fresh as the day you ordered them we package all of our rollerballs, serums, body oil and salve in Miron Violetglass. This specially made glass blocks up to 75% of all Ultraviolet rays ensuring that the products resting protected within will perform far better, far longer.

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Dark chocolate is full of organic compounds that are biologically active and act as antioxidants.  They include flavanols, polyphenols and catechin...

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