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If you haven’t tried our soaps yet, now's the time!! We use all-natural and organic ingredients that will leave your skin feeling baby smooth. Our soaps are crafted in small batches and each of our scents are made up of all natural fragrances and essential oils. All of our soaps are crafted with a specific purpose in mind, always cruelty free and vegan friendly. Each one of our bars are unique. Not just our additives are different in each bar of soap, but our carrier oils or oils that make up soap, are as well. 

If you are a user of store bought soap and are hesitant of switching, don't be! Our soaps are crafted using high quality oils. You’ll finish bathing and will instantly feel the difference in your skins texture. Over time, others will notice your skins silkiness. I know that sounds cliche, but it is true. Just be sure to keep your soap out of direct shot of a shower spray and don’t let it sit in water, this will make it last longer. We hope you enjoy our soap as much as we have over the years. 

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