What do you know about Pomegranate Seed oil?

Remember when the only oils that were widely used were lavender and patchouli oil? Today, there are so many different oils, with varying ranges of uses that it can be overwhelming. Exploring the uses of these oils is interesting. Many are ingestible while others must never be used orally. We found pomegranate seed oil to be quite useful in skincare.


Pomegranate seeds have increased in popularity because it has been known to lower inflammation and improve your overall health. It is loaded with antioxidant nutrients such as Vitamin C, which reduces cellular damage. During studies that have been done, when Pomegranate Seed oil is put on the skin, it has been known to decrease the incidence of wrinkles and age spots, although they did not prevent them entirely. It has been seen to regenerate cells on the surface so that the skin can rejuvenate new cells. So, as we know collagen is important in the regeneration of skin cells, and pomegranate has been known to boost the production of collagen, which increases the elasticity of the skin. Not to mention that it leaves the skin with lasting moisture without the greasiness.

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