What's the best way to start with CBD Oil?

It's always recommended that you first check with your health professional before starting any supplemental routine.  Because we are all different, there really is no correct way to start.  If you are new to our Pure Fused™ CBD/CBG Oil we recommend that you start off slow and gradually increase your intake until you get the desired results.

  • Start Easy: based on the table below*, we suggest that you start with a mild dose of CBD/CBG and place it under your tongue for 45-60 seconds and then swallow.  It's advisable to wait about 30 minutes to see how you feel before considering another dose.

CBD/CBG Oil dosage chart by weight

  • Use Every Day: Like most supplements, CBD and CBG will build up in the body over time. A sustained level will develop in your system if you consistently take the same amount daily.  This may help promote a healthy response and you may find that you can begin reducing the amount you take and while maintaining the positive effect you're experiencing.
  • Be Consistent: Take the same amount at the same time every day for the first week and see how you feel.  It may be helpful to document how you feel each day to make sure that you are achieving the desired results.