Wedding Photo of 'Duck & Rose'

October 1958


Our Story July 29, 2021

Duck and Rose are the patriarch and matriarch of our family, Don and Rose. Don got the nickname Duck from none other than Donald Duck, and it was a nickname that stuck. Duck was loyal, honest and trustworthy, everything a person should be. We founded Duck & Rose with that in mind. We sought to stay loyal to our principles of using ingredients that were good, clean and natural. Staying away from ingredients that may mess with our lymphatic system and our reproductive systems. We wanted our company to have a reputation to be transparent and honest in our products. As our family has experienced multiple bouts of cancer, this was especially important to us. We also wanted to use ingredients that promote a positive response where people found relief and a noticeable difference how they were feeling after using our products. In this ever-changing world of health and beauty products, we knew we needed to incorporate CBD into our lines. That was when the fun began and our scope of products opened up to even more! We even have more things planned for the near future!!


We are looking forward to developing new formulas for you and your loved ones that we are certain will empower a healthy choice!