Buckle Down

Sharpen your concentration and awaken your intelligence.

$35   USD

Size:   10ml

CBD:  250mg

This light and uplifting rollerball scent is sure to soothe and balance your Pitta.  Bacopa Monnieri blended with Lemon, Rosemary, Black Pepper, Blue Tanzy, Grapefruit, White Tea and Dark Patchouli provides the perfect balance to sharpen your concentration and awaken your intelligence throughout the day.

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Bacopa Monnieri
A natural herb which may help support memory and one's ability to learn. It has been known to provide a sense of well-being and a feeling of being in control.
Blue Tansy Flower
Blue Tansy Oil
Has unique scent that alone is enough to clear the mind and channel your focus. This oil is well known for its calming and anti-inflammatory properties that benefits the skin.
For best results apply to pressure points on the body: behind your ears, your wrists, behind your knees, elbow bend, or the soles of your feet and gently massage in.  Shake well before use.

Our Broad-Spectrum oil uses only the most pure and natural ingredients, ensuring that we are consciously crafting the purest products using the best that Nature has to offer. We strive to make sure that we are proud of the work and product so the care we put in can translate to your skin care! Our products are formulated using Broad-Spectrum oil, this means no THC to worry about! We combine a specially-formulated combination of CBD, CBG, CBN and various terpenes to have the most direct impact based on the reason for use.

YES! All of our products are tested by certified labs to ensure the purity and safety for everyone that uses them. Just click on the Lab Results icon on the product page to view test results for that specific product!

No, CBD does not produce a high like THC. CBD may assist you in feeling more calm, less stressed and may help you sleep but it will not get you high.

Key Benefits

Blue Tansy Oil

is known to promote focus and calm mood. It can also assist with relief from tension and stress.

Lemon Peel Oil

is known to be refreshing, energizing and uplifting.

Bacopa Monnieri

is known to strongly support memory, focus and mood.

Grapefruit Oil

is known to soothe anxiety, stress and depression.

Patchouli Oil

is known to sharpen intelligence and aid in concentration.

Cruelty Free Icon Cruelty Free
Water Free Icon Water Free
THC Free Icon THC Free
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